Third week of poems

November 14, 2012

Another week of poems done

Another week to go

Hell, fifty to go, in fact

Might change up some poem formats

Reading my ramblings must surely get boring after awhile

I’m serious, and don’t call me Shirley

November 15, 2012

I see you on the TV

I see you on the Internet

Youtube videos, Dailymotion, and everything under the sun

But I can’t help seeing more, I can’t change my mind

Madison Rayne aka Ashley Nichole Simmons, you are too, TOO fine.

A great wrestler, with a great voice and a great body,

And just a great human being who deserves the whole fucking universe.

That’s still not enough.

It’ll never be enough, for a woman like that; Full of life and wonder,

And working in a cool profession, unafraid to take charge and to live life

To the fullest.

This is a simple ode to you, Ashley Nichole Simmons aka Madison Rayne : a simple Miamian who would love to meet you,

Say hi, wish you luck, and then be on my way.

Ashley Nichole Simmons, I love your name.

That’s it.

That’s all.
I probably fucked up the ode structure or format, but so be it.

Life goes on, and the universe revolves around the Killer Queen herself,

Madison Rayne.

November 16, 2012 (You and I)


Lady Gaga is my idol, no doubt; she is idle, ideal, and everything you could hope for.

Long hair, short hair, no hair, or wigs; shorts, spandex, government hooker, and more wigs.

To think that I hated you and didn’t want to learn; I should have waited, to see and confirm.

Now things are different; I bought tickets to your show, I love you, you, who are truly exquisite.

Stefani Germanotta, you make me crazy; a woman full of confidence, and definitely not lazy.

You work hard and play hard and you do what you have to do to be the Queen of Pop

And how else could things be done, my Queen, how else can you make it to the Top?

No other way, can’t wait to see you in March; ArtPop, Born this Way, You and I, and what not.

Baby, you deserve the world and everything in between; I guess I’m a little monster now

For better or for worse. It’s been a turnaround, no doubt, and for you I must now bow

To. I love you like few things in this odd world: I bet love is common for you, hurled

At you. Who doesn’t love Lady Gaga? When I think about you, I go absolutely Gaga.

November 17, 2012


Lifeline daze

Sugarcoat rays

Bullshit lines

Coke poems

Do you like this?
I sure don’t

Do I care?

Eh not so much

Hey guys I’m artsy fartsy

I can string together words

Bloody faces

Bloody traces

Fool you once

Shame on you

Fool you twice

Well shame on you some more

It’s been a long day

Of being sick

I like this kind of poem

It gets straight to the point

And the point is this:

How many more times

Must I talk about Scarlett Johansson

Or Gillian Anderson

Or Trish Stratus

Or fucking Lady Gaga

Before they take a look at me

And consider their options?
Probably eternity

Eh I’ve got time

Don’t you think so?

November 18, 2012

Going to the book fair sick

Is like swimming with hungry sharks on a sleepy day

With no rest and no food and a sore heart

And a back that just aches and aches and feels like it’s been punched

All in all, it’s not the greatest of feelings.

But I did like buying some John D. MacDonald books.

Travis McGee, I miss you.

Books and books and life goes on

And my throat is sore and my soul is snoozing

While people keep talking and talking

Never shutting up and letting me rest

Doesn’t anyone like to rest anymore?

I sure as hell like to.

Oh well

Muhammad Ali is my idol

Rumble Young Man Rumble.

November 19, 2012


Among stars


The stars are graying out.


And Wish

And the stars ignore you.

Grey meteors


News coverage to remind you.

Curvy woman on the bed


Who cares about meteor showers?

Sex crazed lives

Ad infinitum

Curvy stars and other such marks.

Dream of stars and of heavy nights

And of erratic eroticism

Life showers on.


November 20

Sick stomach

Toilet hours

Time goes to shit.


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