Fifth week of poems

November 28, 2012

Shall I write a Sonnet now?

What does it matter, really:

In the windblown world, all you can do is bow.

Bow to the winds, for you know where you stand, truly;

Sometimes we fight against nature,

Other times against ourselves,

If you feel this way, you’re not a failure;

You just have to understand it all: you just have to be yourself.

Burn Burn Burn like roman candles across the night,

Die Die Die like people unwilling to take charge,

Isn’t it so weird, to have lofty dreams and not take charge due to fright?

It’s horrifying, honestly; So many people are on a kick or, sadly enough, a dead march.

Goodbye cruel world of inhibited fear,

Goodbye cruel world of your cruel sneer.

November 29





November 30, 2012

Little birds fly on

Head-ache blues

Jissom flying out, man.

December 1, 2012

Uninvited to this

Uninvited to that

Grandma and Military Bubs and So Fucking What?

Is it so weird to feel alone and to be all right with it?

Is it so wrong to want to go away and to not be around?

Hell send my ass to South Africa in the heat and smoke

And I’ll be just fine thank you very much.

December 2, 2012


Icy waters now

Empty poetry written

No scheme

No structure to write


Never try at all, kiddies

You’ll just waste your time


And now

For something completely different

Hulk Hogan’s War Bonnet

Is an eyesore

And an abomination and

That’s that


December 3, 2012







December 4

Photograph of my grandmother in her later years

Cool radiant smile

Sits on the freezer door

She looks so happy

But time changed that

Free-frame photos

Only tell so much

Eighties Miami and beyond

What a town.

Only a few months later

And she’d be sick

And need to be taken care of

Never get to talk to her like a human being.

Families suffer

Heart-ache from old photos

Time ruins everything in photos

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s spit her bones out.


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