Sixth week of Poems


December 5, 2012


Life is odd, old

And full of warts.

It goes on, baby


December 6, 2012


Pulp Fiction Night

Uma Thurman makes me happy

The last scene makes me love life

Leaving the theater makes me sad

Ezekiel 25:17 friends

That’s all you need



December 7, 2012


Up at 2 am and life goes on and I want to jerk off to Emma Stone and run throughout the night and just have some fucking fun but reality kicks in and I have to get to business and will finish this soon later on hooray yes indeedy uhhuh I am so sleepy and so tired and am bored of useless old parrots in my family who acquiesce to everything and to some bullshit God who the fuck cares about this or that or this rambling screed Jesus and Mary and all the bullshit pie in the sky can’t we all just shut up and have some fun and live life and fuck who we want to fuck and share and love each other as best as we can I mean what’s so wrong with that can you tell me?


December 8, 2012


I                                   Am                               Done.


December 9, 2012


Two months

Two months of waiting

Two months of hope

Two months of a haggard family

Two months of struggling woes

I’m just to being on my own for the most part, you understand:

Now it’s a family unit again and I feel weird and trapped

And I want to leave and fail on my own

Please understand



December 10, 2012


I am tired of Internet

I am tired of Cell Phones

I am tired of Video Games

I am tired of Printers

I am tired of Computers

I am tired of Laptops

I am tired tired tired


Of this bullshit technology

Where’s the EMP blast when you need it?


December 11, 2012


I remember reading a few days ago The First Third: Neal Cassady wanted to explode his essence soul and consciousness through his cock and into someone anyone’s cunt Honestly I agree with his strange ways on one primal level because honestly what is life worth if not sharing all of yourself with another person even on a sexual level Indeed.


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