Eighth Week of Poems

December 19, 2012


TEW 2013 game

Takes up time

But I love it still.


December 20, 2012


This last poem on the last day before the “end of the world”, December 20, 2012;  And nothing has much changed, it feels, and why should it matter? Mayan predictions or global warming; We live to die and are dying to live. The end of the world is nothing now, and never matters all so much compared to the whole infinitesimal universe going around and around in multiversal terms, friends and colleagues and what do you have.


 December 21



Oh mighty fucked up Brownsville

With your houses seated near cemeteries

And your cemeteries seated near broken down houses, as well.

Brownsville Brownsville Brownsville, who or why on this green dirt Earth

Would ever name a place in Florida as Brownsville?

Who would situate it so far out and with so little to do, with ass-backwards gas station bathrooms and even hills that look like giant breasts and testicles, and full of grassy knolls that don’t make any sense in any overpopulated locale like ours?



Fuck why?

I guess there’s some beauty to these undiscovered lands; It’s like the old Wild, Wild West, frontiersville babies, rattle up your horses and get a-moving, Cojones.

Just do it all the way, over the edge and into crazy town, USA aka Miami and everything above and below; Do it Elmore Leonard-style, and just have fun and dream and think about all of your life as its going and running, indeed.

So, Brownsville of my unwanted nighttime subconscious nightmarish dreams, here’s to ya:

You were never that great without a bit of delving in and rampant impulsiveness, instead.


December 22, 2012


Harlan Ellison

I still love ya

Although I hoped to hear in letter form

Like Elmore Leonard did, writing back and imparting wisdom

But wisdom is in your stories and books, so that’s good enough for me.

Thank this chaotic universe for crazy guys and gals that go over the edge

For our own benefit, which we, as cowards, will never do. Of course.


December 23


The years pass by

I am hungry

The years pass by

A peanut butter sandwich is what I require

The years pass by

And only shitty third-rate poems can be created

Like this one

And that one

And that other one

You know what I’m talking about



And I’m done



December 24, 2012


Christmas Eve

Oh Christmas Eve

Why should I care about thee,

Oh Christmas Eve?


Shopping Malls

And Shoe Stores

Oh joy of joys

Have some churros while you’re at it

Just stuff your face, it’s Christmas for God sake’s.


St. Nick is somewhere nearby

Robbing us of milk and cookies

Whatever Whatever, Mrs. Claus is a fox

And who doesn’t love that old feel of a

Christmas time without any bullshit?


I guess I can’t be assed for it:

In Florida, there’s no snow or reindeers around,

And who wants a tropical Christmas?

Not me, for damn sure.


December 25, 2012


Christmas Day

And a ten dollar bill is my gift

Not too bad

Women screaming next door

They’re always screaming

And I’m not sure it’s from sex

Hurrah Hurrah

Hooray Hooray

Another day to live

Another day full of sleepy memories



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