Twelfth Week

January 16, 2013

Literary magazines, Freelance writing jobs, Intern positions, and Rifftrax movie riffing:

I love this kind of work.

I can’t be a Nine-to-Five.

I won’t be a Nine-to-Five, either.

I’ll struggle and struggle, and live and live, and I’ll die, but at least I’ll live on my own terms,

And no one can take that away from you;

How many clichés do we have to go over until something comes to pass

And to stick in our minds, too?


January 17, 2013

I’m so tired

Haven’t slept a wink

Now I’m quoting Beatles’ songs.

January 18

Long       week         friends

No         doubt

Another   day      towards

Nothing guys

Nothing gals

How much can I play with this

And      get      away

With     it?

The days burn brighter and brighter

And my feet smell more and m ore

And the sun burns my eyes

And life burns you out baby

So come what may



Deep intellectual whatever

I’m gonna sleep now and think about Scarlett Johansson

So don’t bother.

January 19, 2013

I am tired.

January 20, 2013

Chuck E. Cheese

Come as you please

Where the pizza’s flat

The soda’s warm

The chicken’s cold

The kids are a-bored

And the parents get to score

With some refuge of silence and fun

Before reality kicks back in, and of course that’s no fun,

Right? Right, and neither is seeing that fat rat run around and blast his stupid song

And seeing shrill people hog up machines and am I supposed to like this,

Probably everyone asks that at one point or another.

Man, fuck this shit.

I’m going to Dandy Bear.

January 21

Heisenberg this shit, it’s done.

January 22

MLK Day aftermath: Simplified to the point where I go to school,

Completely oblivious to this day.

Yeah, Obama’s milking it today, hip hip hooray.

Did MLK die for this? Did MLK die to get Obama some good publicity?

Where are the people that fought for MLK? That fought against Reagan and asshole politicians and school boards; where are they today, with a president who profits off war and murder, but really that’s the same old score.

Where’s Malcolm X Day?

What about Bayard Rustin?

Shit, this is ridiculous nowadays: Is one day of service enough to make up for years of disrespecting all of their messages? If it is, then maybe I should just tow the company line here.

I’m ridiculous

Just like everyone else.

So, here’s to Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Bayard Rustin, and everyone else who’s died for something, whether it be Hispanic or Black or White or Asian or Woman Or Man Or Kid:

Don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything, harder than you think is a beautiful thing.


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