Sixteenth Week

February 13, 2013



So much to do








And so little time









Of course.


February 14


Valentine’s Day, Funeral Day,

Asinine Day, Terrible Day,

Rhyming Day, Poetry Day,

Tiring Day, Same Old Shit Day,

Odd Future Day, Yassin Bey Day,

It’s all the same day, all the same way day

What makes sense for it to work right?

I’m tired of this shit, and here’s a balloon and a third-rate card.



February 15, 2013






How many ways

Can you rhyme some words

Before it all gets arbitrary?

Aren’t words a virus

In the first place?



February 16, 2013

Mom’s gone

Gone to Nicaragua

Funeral arrangements

Grandma dead


Dead in February


Lady Gaga concert cancelled

Everyone unhappy even me

Jesus man


What’s the point

Stay home



Play NBA2K13

Why not do it all

At the same time?


I guess.



February 17, 2013


Stinky feet.

I have Stinky feet.

Who has Stinky feet?

What else is there to say about Stinky feet?

My Stinky feet hurts my head

And probably helps make this house polluted even more than usual

No doubt.

Stinky feet.

Feet-full stink.

What makes any sense to write this right now,

When I have Stinky Feet?


February 18, 2013


Art Wynwood

Wynwood Art

Drive-bys and general media reported fears and alienation

And Hipsterdom, with some great art in between along with corporate greed;

What’s not to love about Wynwood?

It’s got Cojones

It’s got personality

It’s got character

It’s got LIFE.


February 19, 2013


Art Wynwood was nice

But the noise, any sonic primordial subtextual noise,

Irritates me to no end

Spending money like it’s water

Who gives a shit

Les Miserables soon and I’ll be as chummy as Hugh Jackman…I guess.

Odd videos at odd times

Odd match-ups of NBA2k13 at all hours of the day and night

What’s college for, anyway? It distracts me from my dreams and goals

Which basically boil down to sleeping eating jerking playing games reading

And just enjoying life.
What better kind of education could there be, I ask you.

Honestly, what better life could there be?



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