Eighteenth Week of Poems

February 28


My chin hurts

My dog bumped her head on my chin

My chin hurts

And my head hurts

O, Miami felt odd

Alone in a room with hipsters

And rather to walk in dark Wynwood streets

Must be something wrong with me

Or I just prefer to explore things on my own

Even if it’s odd

Or dangerous

Or downright fucking stupid




March 1, 2013


Gordon Freeman

Always controlled

Throwing boxes


Getting my ass kicked


What else is new?


March 2, 2013


What can I say

Beyond singing the great happy song

Of my soul



March 3, 2013


Forget Kill Steen Kill

Come on man,

Fight Steen Fight!


March 4, 2013


Four movies down, six to go

Miami Film Festival

I love you yet, as always,

I go on, alone and on my own

I am the last man on Earth

And I am alone.


March 5, 2013


You know how weird it is

To see

Rutger Fucking Hauer


A Nineteen year old

For minutes on end

While rubbing

Baby oil

All over her body?

It’s pretty fucking weird, let me tell you that

It’s also pretty cool

That’s that.


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