Twentieth Week of Poems


March 13


Another day Another lack of a dollar

Another day Another bit of knee pain

Another day Another badly timed poem

Another day Another NBA 2K13 session



March 14


I’m at school


Than most people

Are at




March 15


Hard asphalt court

Blacker than the darkest of nights

Tougher to navigate than any road

Breath starts shortening out

Knees start buckling

Calluses start forming: from hands to feet, everything starts hurting

Hell, even your eyes start hurting








Everyone under the sun; it’s just fun to play basketball

Even when you, like me, completely fucking suck.


March 16


Time to Walk 2 Nicaragua

Time to fundraise for schoolchildren

In Chacraseca

32 kids

14 or more laps around a huge racetrack

Jesus I feel old
Jesus I hope it never ends



March 17, 2013


Mila Kunis

You are great

What else is there to say?

What other example could be used?

Shit, you’re even good in the Great and Powerful Oz

No matter what, but I can’t lie:

Some of this shit is just goofy, don’t you think?

Some of these stories you partake in are goofier than a clumsy clown

Falling on a banana peel

You know?

Even if That 70’s Show was decent from time to time, you were always one of the better highlights of the show

What am I trying to say with all of this? I guess it’s simple enough.

Mila Kunis: You. Are. Perfection.


March 18, 2013


Cocaine Cowboys

Cocaine Built Miami

Fuck Griselda Blanco

(And Cocaine Cowboys 2)

Random bold lettering fuck yeah

My head hurts

I think it’s a migraine

Nothing makes sense but this:
Gillian Anderson is



March 19


What day is it again?
I’m swimming through space

Making these times strange

And nothing is out of the question
Nothing out of the ordinary

Bomb scares, rapist football players, and ambulance trucks galore:

2013 has proven to be odd, and it’s still not over, yet.


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