23rd week of Poetry

April 3


Dandre Gary Siggers

You are the hardest working man on Youtube

And, next to some of these other partners,

You’re getting fucked over.
But, Dcigs will survive;

The dream continues.


April 4


The proverbial worldly, wordy

Itch near my crotch

Rears up for us all

Once again

And once more

Now, yes, once more with some goddamn feeling,

you lousy poetry thespians you


April 5


Woo Pop a Molly I’m sweating

Nine Taco Bell Tacos I’m seeing hallucinations

Time to sleep

Perchance to dream?


April 6


Wrestlemania soon

Lil B responded to me

Might win a poetry contest

New books New Books New Books
Everything is going right

I’m not questioning things anymore



April 7


Another depressing Wrestlemania

Another day of no friends really giving a shit

And yet, I’m not really surprised or bothered

I’m indifferent

Isn’t that even worse than anger or hate

Or sadness?


April 8


What is there




April 9

PS3, you son of a bitch;

Why can’t I play PS2 games

on your dumb ass?



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