25th week of Poetry

April 17

How do you waste

100 dollars



minutos? (NBA 2K13 and porno, of course.)


April 18


What it is what it is, is what the cool kids say/

What it is what it is, is what we all want to be/

What it is what it is, is what the cool kids proclaim/

What it is what it is, and here we are again/

Here we are again man here we are again, and nothing makes sense

man nothing makes sense/ here we are again and there’s flying whales everywhere

A bird is shitting on my soul/ look at your soul bro are you sure you’re spotless and


I know I’m not/I’m not what I know

I guess I’m here to settle a score, but for who or what/

I just don’t fucking know


April 19


Elliott Smith songs late at night

Everyone’s ego melting away

under the hot Miami sun and the humidity ain’t helping much either, if you catch my drift



It’s always now.

It will always be now.

So you know, Now is now and now is Now, and Elliott Smith songs help in this regard

but the fucking Miami sun doesn’t help, no way, no how.


April 20


Useless conversations where I’m reminded how stupid I am

Oh Tumblr user you, you really know your shit; but just because you know doesn’t mean you know

How to spread that message across(you’re pretty condescending and patronizing, and it’s annoying to see someone who obviously knows their shit to waste it by pretty much stating the obvious. As follows:

I am stupid.)

With that said, all of this conversing is interesting

But I just can’t pinpoint the moment where equality was thrown aside

And I guess my role of the idiot came into play.

I guess I’m just a stupid man, right? All men are stupid, right?
At the end of the day, no matter how many times you say it,

does that kind of shit really help bring people together and end hate and bring love and acceptance to the forefront but I guess I’m just a dumb neanderthalic misogynistic piece of shit, whatever

(By the way, Tumblr user, I’m still wondering how, exactly, Lady Gaga is racist and hates queers? Don’t give me generalities, but really dig in there and help me help you. Or be as condescending as you want to be, whatever makes you happy. Shit.)


April 21


Why do my eyes burn


I’ve played some NBA 2K13?


April 22


Time to rhyme

Rhyme to time

Poems upon poems of useless meander

I’m slithering around like an old salamander

(And my poetry is getting worse for wear, as you can tell.)

Virtual credit points are driving me mad; oh well,

Okay then. Oh well, oh say oh say forever more, oh well.


April 23

Shit  and I

go together

Like white wine

on an old-timey





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