26th week of Poetry

April 24


The mafia the mob

Los italianos

I guess they don’t

Run shit around here

anymore(maybe the ruskies do, I don’t know anymore.)


April 25


What to do

What to say

What to do and say

And say and do and all-around



April 26


Syria, Poor Syria

Your tired, poor, hungry masses

now must deal with a terrible war

that has been raging for one long long long


April 27


Dear Chicago Bulls,


If you ever go through a triple overtime game like that


I’ll just quit basketball(this adrenaline and stress is killing me,

you know)


April 28


Railroad spikes dot the highways

The Highways dot the railroad spikes

Green envy washing over dead presidents

Chimichangas taking flight as I write this contraption down

And Dennis Rodman is the new President, just to let you know


Five days onward

I’m a little kid

Reading alien books

Getting alien knowledge

Nothing much has changed


What is going on

In a world like ours

When all of this shit starts to make sense?


April 29


Liz Lemon

Even the name is great

Character-wise, I Love You(more than I can say for half of TV land,

that’s for sure.)


April 30


Right now

I’m on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike

I paid 200 bucks

I got to be John Malkovich, from that Jewel Thief movie,

for Fifteen minutos




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