27th week of Poetry

May 1


I am a business


Business is my middle name

Man is my first name

A hyphen is my last name(don’t ask why or how, damnit,

I’m a motherfucking Man Business -)


May 2


The wars in my mind are taking up so much of my time and there’s nothing else to say and no need for line breaks or anything silly like that I’ll just keep talking and shilling out ideas for whatever show I like or girl I like or whatever keeps floating in my odd silly little mind huzzah and all that crap and oh look Boston might win the series and Chicago too holy fucking shit it’s so amazing don’t you want to scream your damn head off at this point ladies and gentlemen the train has left the building just to let you know the wars are going on and there’s nothing to be done so far as we can tell yep yep yep Dr. Strangelove in this bitch


May 3

Death to Videodrome!

Long Live

The New



May 4


I am depressed

by my friend’s



May 5


Larry Birding everything is an art form

These poems have been hit or miss

My loins are exploding into the cosmos

Just to let you know that I’m plagiarizing



May 6


Rust spots


On the Old-Ass Sun


No way around it.


A small boy

Watches his cousin

Play a Spider Man Nintendo 64 game;

He wishes he could play, too,

But the game scares him, for some odd reason.


Why can childhood be summarized so simply:

Nonsense and Fear.


May 7


Oranges and Apples

Apples and Oranges

Naranjas y Manzanas

Manzanas y Naranjas

It’s the same old shit

But it’s still pretty damn juicy
Either way


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