29th week of Poetry

May 15


Bone marrow



Words Everywhere everywhere

as Van Morrison says


is all it’s


May 16


What is life

If not to live




Have some fun

And what



May 17


The days are getting shorter

How many more times must I go

Of questionable material I like to divulge

Real things, real issues, real questions at hand

No fake shit, no faux wisdom will I shovel out

Yes, this poem is odd

Odd and old in all the wrong places at the wrong time

Life is funny like that sometimes

Digging out cliches like digging ditches

How much do I have to say before the joke is clear?

Obvious acronyms of every capitalized letter

Really now, let’s pay attention

No, there is no quiz

Yellow is a funny color

Red, too

Orange does not rhyme with anything, of course

Talent like this is hard to live with, I know

And honesty is my middle name but integrity is bullshit

Rage against this dying machine

I am what I am says Sam I am so disregard this,


Now that I have your attention

Officially, I am a little too loose with these words machine

Forget it all, just watch The Office

Quixote everything in this bitch

Universally shunned

Everything’s eventually

Shameful, societally-speaking

Thanks for reading this rubbish

It’s a lofty goal of mine,

Of course,

Not to work for a living beyond farting

Around on my


Leaving pretty words behind and

Everywhere in Between

Original, that’s my middle name

Rupert, that’s my second

Ismael, I guess that’s my first

Going Gorillas here bitch

In the entirety of time,

Nothing this stupid has ever come to rest on the blank page.


May 18






I’m digging you baby

My poems are boring,



May 19


I’m sorry


I didn’t mean to be drive

and to drunk


May 20

What is there to say

about a Legacy?

A Legacy is a simple thing,

and if you want to leave one behind and not be considered a douchebag by design,

then just follow my motherfucking tips:

Don’t be an asshole to others since it’s just a waste of time

Don’t pretend to know better

Don’t pretend to know less

Don’t suffer fools gladly

Don’t listen to pretentious bullshit lessons like this poem

Don’t listen to YouTube stars because they only want your money, bitch

Don’t pay attention to the system

Don’t be afraid to carve out your life

Don’t be afraid to spend some money on a secret fetish, even if it’s a porn video or two or ten or twenty fucking thousand all that money wasting down and oh well

Life goes on, right?

No doubt.

Your Legacy is your own; take it by the horns, and fuck everybody else who tries to guilt-trip you into conformity.


May 21

Wasting money like it’s water but I won’t waste water, oh no: Now that shit, right there, is right-on valuable, and don’t you forget it, Jack.


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