30th week of Poetry

May 22


Literary cafes’, oh, how much

I remember loving you; so much anticipation, beforehand.

Now, it’s not the same.

Nothing’s the same.

It’ll never be the same.


May 23


Paul George

is Fucking



May 24


I am so tired

You know when it’s 4 am and you’re hallucinating

And nothing matters

No boundaries around man just endless sky

and dick and vagina jokes abound, too



May 25


Parents are annoying

Kids are annoying

Ismael Santos is annoying

Who does that maggot think he is,

writing down pretty words on this Google Docs document,

thinking it can provide some relief or entertainment to some sad sack out there

on the Interwebz?


May 26

Arrested Development Season Four

I love it



May 27


Lucille or Lindsay Bluth

are much more interesting

Than You


May 28


How many more references can I

drop off

or name drop

or do with whatever I so damn well please

Reading Paris Review Interviews over and over again

Hearing the music of that one great author speaking out so openly

and reverently

of the power and rhythm of language

It’s like a tribal chant

going on



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