31st week of Poetry

May 29


Jesus Christ on a pogo stick

Anyone and everyone is a critic, nowadays

Really now, how far can we go with this shit?

Jumping Jelly Beans, these poems are pure gar-bage

Aerosol and Ammonia going onward into the nighttime air

Jarring transitions and segueways overtaking all spontaneous thought control

Bigotries going on bicentennial-y

Inklings on the wall, piss stains molding the society we all shit on

Nothing can be done but yell into the void and hope the monsters come back from out of the abyss

Knocking boots with our stupid souls all the time, of course

Slinking and slithering onwards, to the best of our limited abilities, selah. And. Cazart.

May 30

Go on Spock

Use The Force

Come on Sherlock

When are you gonna quote the raven, nevermore?

Hurry Batman

Use your heat vision

Battle those commies

And win the war on drugs, Mr. Nixon (or Reagan or Bush or whoever and whatever stupid idiot is in charge, these days.)

Come on keeping on Mr. Michael Jordan

Go out to Washington and change this corrupt bureaucratic bullshit government

Mr. Smith, keep doing those slam dunks and winning those rings,

out there, in the stormy hillsides of Chicago.

Gene Roddenberry, I ain’t messing with you

You’ll choke my ass with the Vulcan death grip from beyond the grave.

So, Queen Elizabeth the second, keep recording and performing those punk rock albums; you’re damn  good at that, I have to say.

Bob Dylan, stop making hip-hop music, you’re just desecrating the art.

Young Money Cash Money Whatever, just don’t fail too much;

Hunter S. Thompson, you’re still writing up at Woody Creek, I presume.

I hope this hasn’t been a waste of time.

I hope this turned out good. Undone.


May 31


Sleep disorientation

has taken

effect again so please leave a message

at the beep.



June 1


The sixties failed

Everyone failed

The 21st century failed

Like everything else in these dark times of our foul lord of forgotten human history


June 2


I feel like Hunter S. Thompson

dealing with a world of

Jann Fucking Wenners. Selah.


Fear and Loathing in Miami


June 3




Spending money/Loaning money

To EA/Activision/2K/Infinity Ward

All of that bullshit/I guess you don’t know


June 4


Unfinished poems





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