33rd week of Mind-Numbing Poetry

June 12

How far can one spread the knowledge about

Torture and death and destruction

on Facebook or Twitter or, shit, even Tumblr,

before people start trying to do something about it

(And no, wearing bracelets about said causes will do nothing, so cut that shit out already, please)

So, just take your monitor off of Facebook and all those porn sites, and just search around for a while

Injustice is what the Internet was made to look for

Come on, everything is free, and nothing is relative on this piece of machinery

And interconnected neural command centers

Shit, it’s not even just in a far-off country

Evil lives right here, too, in the good ole’ USA

Kids dying by the dozens in Chicago

Chiraq looking worse and worse by the day

Gang violence



June 13


What is there to life

if not to have some fun

and to troll and prank?

April’s Fool and Halloween; that’s all that matters, to me.


June 14


An ode to Gillian Anderson or Emma Stone or Scarlett Johansson or Trish Stratus, singular-wise, is

not enough.

I’m sure no amount of words can do justice to all of those women, and all the women I don’t know, who can inspire so many with their talent and charity work and honesty, as well.

It will never be enough.

This poem sure as hell isn’t enough, I can tell you that much.

So I’ll guess I’ll write about Benedict Cumberbatch

And anything else that warpzone-fives into my mind,


June 15


A little kid goes back and forth on a swing set, no ounce of energy:

The wind’s trying to get the kid to do something,


but to no avail.

The kid wonders where to go, what to do,

with nothing in mind but a nice home,

a good place to eat,

a decent book to read,

a quiet place to sleep,

pretension to write stuff like this,

and an all right home life to keep on trucking,

yeah yeah.


June 16


A single line

can doom

a whole fucking



like this


Isn’t this


to you

ma’am or sir

or whoever is out there

reading this slop


The message is the medium

I guess

that is



for you folks out there

in TV land.


June 17


Lady Gaga,

You are one of the few

that can inspire and drive crazy

rational and sane people

on a day to day basis

Stop it, stop being wonderful;

this world can’t handle much more of these soft-ass poems

about you, any more.


June 18


Credit card money

You know what it is


Free-for-all in the




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