34th week of Poetry

June 19


Basketball injuries


Where the hell are my millions,



June 20


You know how awkward it is to take your aunt to a movie at Sunset only to see Michael Cera of all people get a huge blowjob while sipping Capri Sun staring at the screen for ten minutes ever onwards Jesus how ridiculous right at least Man of Steel kicked ass thankfully but these wisdom teeth of mine are making me weep for mankind and do strange poems like this is this even a poem I don’t even know anymore


June 21

Well, the NBA Finals

are finally over.

Thank Jesus “Tim” Duncan


June 22


Oh, what a life we young teenagers lead:

Am I right or am I right?

Go down to 7-11, figure out what’s good for seven bucks;

eat a breakfast burrito, drink a piping hot cup of French Vanilla,

and shake the sand out of your sandals: Also, avoid the cockroaches nipping at your heels,

they can be quite bothersome. Too.


June 23


Swaying this way and that way in an odd-sized backyard full of people,

The music crooned and wailed and dropped the bass,

I heard my soul start to die away.

The backyard was covered in smoke, fog, smog, and grog,

All of the bodies and hips sweating the night away,

While I sit down in the corner, and hold my head in my hands.

The nighttime sky blended in with the dark strobe lights,

While all of the people bumped into each other and didn’t mind the temporality,

And all I did was sit, sigh, cry, and die.

June 24


Life is


Lie, of course.


June 25


I want to be

Katarina Leigh’s

love slave.


I said it.


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