35th week of Poetry

June 26


I’m a Paul Heyman Guy


Read between the lines


Nothing more to say







June 27


Quote the



June 28


A little child

Bruised and battered and bloody

Screams why why why

at the sky

“Parents” always doing something

So-called fathers and mothers always doing something

to fuck up their kids

or harass their kids

or just destroy their kids

It’s the same story generation after generation

And yet people still stay surprised

Don’t they?

Will anything change?

I hope it does

So I don’t have to make

sophomoric amateurish morality

diatribes like this

ever again.


June 29


What else can I write?

I don’t have the time.

What else can I be?

All apologies.

Who else should I cop?

Nirvana’s had enough.

No more else words to say?

How’s this gibberish anyway.

So how was the game last night

I bet it was all right

All right indeed

That’s all that life needs to be


So here goes this abstraction

Is it feasible or plausible to publish this?
(Please say no, Please say no, Please say no.)


June 30



How many times

can you contact

The Government of


about stupid landlords and demonic neighbors

before someone is heard?


July 1

S. H.        I.     E.         L.    D.

o   ow’s   t     very-  oving     i

                           thing                 s


                  going                                 s





July 2



It’s that time of Year

Humidity and Heat and all of the above


The planet’s trying to kill us;

Can you blame her?


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