37th week of Poetry


July 10


Taste the freedom

Broken out in Love

Crawling back to the tongue

Back to the flies

Top of the stairs

We’re coming

Don’t stray

Broken out in Love


July 11


Trying to take over Rome

is a real bitch

You know that?


July 12

Oh O Cinema, I love you so

You’re a bastion of hope

for all those ornery hipsters from that starry dynamo in the midnight sky

(who’ll probably understand the reference, so bear with me, please and thank you)

and where nothing is off-limits, and smells of the wonder of free and real cinema still exist.

Oh O Cinema, I’ll always help you so

with my less-than-hard-earned money

and I’ll gladly pay for a smaller-than-a-marble cup of five dollar coffee

and the Bizarro cinema section is muy perfecto, honestamente. Honest Abe.

Walking through the parking lot leading up to the brightly-painted door,

with a multitude of graffitied images peaking out at you, beckoning you in, (hey O Cinema, like the BJ I’m giving you right now? Free lifetime tickets please and thank you) and then, from the moment you see the giant chalkboard to the vegan/veggie food options to the one-movie-at-a-time motto,

it’s always a real rare treat to enter that Cinema. Verite, no?

I digress.

Shit, they got couches and horror movies: what’s not to love?


July 13



He’s a man

with his mind on revenge

For Django,

nothing else can be done.


He’s a man

who fights, not for you,

and damn sure

not for me.


His name is


And that’s all

you need to




July 14



which means

For Life


July 15


I can’t feel my ass

I’ve been sitting down for 19 years

I’ll probably be sitting down for 900 more

Oh well


And all that crap



July 16





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