‘Breaking Bad’ Watch: I Am the One Who Gets Knocked Out


Spoilers for last night’s final-season premiere of Breaking Bad follow:

If you were worried that the final run of Breaking Bad episodes would be lackadaisical in ramping up the drama and advancing the story as the finale approached: well, you can stop worrying. The return, “Blood Money,” meant business.

Walt’s cancer is back–something broadly hinted at before the show went on hiatus but made crystal-blue-clear now. (He is also, evidently, concealing it from his family, as evidenced by his hiding his chemo-induced sickness. Because of course he is.) We now know, in the flash-forward, that not only is Walt seeing hard times–and is now armed with both a machine gun and ricin–but so is his family, or at least his family home; it’s fenced off, the swimming pool (the site of so much White family life) being used as a skateboard pit.

And everything is out on the table between…

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