42nd Week Of Poetry

August 14


I live for the applause

Do you?


August 15

Walking down the hallways

A star tinkles down on us overhead

Walking down the hallways

The President disappoints us once again

Walking down the hallways

My meter maid is matching minutes minutely minutiae, once again.

Pigs are leading the general forces of Zanzibar

While I continue onward,

Walking down the hallways.


August 16


Watch out

Lock the windows

Bar the doors

You’re Next

They’re coming


August 17

Freedom is overrated, right?

Let’s just go to sleep

Dine on wings and Hooters

And just have a grand old time, you know?

Why not?

Who cares, shit, it’s not affecting me: I do my job well, and I work all day long,

I deserve to have a little somethin’-somethin’, you know what I mean?

You know what I mean.

Jesus, it’s a Dog eat Dog world, guys, survival of the fittest

Why can’t you let things be, eh?

Why can’t you live and let live?

Just let it be.

Just let it be.


August 18


Viva la vida

Vida la viva



La La

Yo no se ya que yo hago

So please forgive me


And keep on swimming, baby.


August 19



just ain’t cutting it


sounds like a fucking whimper

And all of these pop songs

Put me to sleep

So yeah

Shake your money around

And do what you want

I’m not sticking up for anything about any of this

I quit

standing up

for “causes”

that don’t mean a goddamn thing

All right? All right.


August 20


you wonder if it’s worth it

Fighting for whatever you believe in

Trying to make connections with other humanoids

All the while having that

inkling of a feeling

that it’s all

for naught

(And it is, in many ways)

But hey, as much rejection as you face

It’s the little moments of companionship,

of honesty, of friendship, of good times, good talks,

good women, good men, good whatever-the-hell-you-enjoy,

ya know?

So, let’s go and light the darkness:

Shit, what else can we do, hmm?

I can’t be a model citizen or a fly-by-night, charisma-laden, machistico

Superstar, and I wouldn’t want to be the idol of others.

I’d rather idolize them, instead.



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