‘Breaking Bad’ Documentary planned to release with “The Complete Series” box set



There will be a two-hour retrospective Breaking Bad documentary that will be included in the Blu-Ray/DVD complete box set. The doc will tell the history of the show using behind-the-scenes footage shot over the course of the show, including interview footage from the pilot. Cameras followed the cast and producers even more intensely through the production of the final 16 episodes. There will be a segment that features Cranston and co-star Aaron Paul reading the series finale script for the first time.” – ew.com

“So, in addition to a release with the final 8 episodes of the fifth and final season, Sony is planning on a release of The Complete Series, with at least one unique extra (the documentary mentioned in the quote above). There MIGHT also be a “Complete 5th and Final Season” type of package as well, but if so then the studio hasn’t said for…

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