48th week of Poetry

September 25


Poor Michael Jordan

A song about him


What a waste


September 26


John Locke

Where Are You?


September 27


Hoy es un viernes

Manana es sabado

Si yo escribo en Espanol

How do you say in Spanish?

Me No Hablo


September 28


The car engine stalls



and stops.

No force on Earth

could spring that engine

back into life.

Or so you think:

jumper cables.

Jumper cables; my

kingdom for some damn

jumper cables.

The sordid noise,

the humid air,

the flighty heat,

the nonsense colloquialisms,

and the no-sense metaphors

(from yours truly)

The engine roars back once,


three times,

and is about to come back to life

when someone plops up behind you

to offer you assistance.

That’s when the car engine goes back to


You don’t know what to make of all of this

To give up

To die

To never have to deal with car engines again

And this plopping figure behind you,

This plopping fuck,

can’t stop talking about the Miami Dolphins

And Miley Cyrus twerking

to ever learn

how to shut the fuck up.

Grab the jumper cables,

and start again

(Maybe, the car engine comes back on, alive.

Maybe not, unfortunately.)

September 29



I’m coming back for you


The lone and level sands

stretch far away

And all I’ve got left,

in this world,

is a bag of cash, a cheap Sedan,

pills, booze, a partner,

a protege, you might say,

and a family to come back to


And they all hate me

in some way

But a man provides

A woman provides

Everyone provides

And I must go on


A bullet will be my end

And that is all that I am



September 30



Breaking Bad

You won


October 1


Thirty days left

This great experiment is done

My brain hurts

My stomach is queasy

And I don’t think it’s just from the chicken steak

dinner I just scarfed down



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