49th week of Poetry

October 2


I am now twenty years old



What an odd number, or even, in this case:

Boomer’s maybe, Strip Club maybe,

Another year that felt like forever and vanished too soon?



October 3


Rain Rain Rain

I don’t really want you to

go away

Please stay

while I sit at Denny’s

staring at my food

and then at you

saying hi

outside of the windowpane

Seeing waves come by


It’s Monsoon season in Miami

Rain Rain Rain

I don’t really mind you:

Just don’t ruin any of my books,

or there will be hell to pay.


October 4





Bryan Cranston

You are the best going today

And the world owes you your Grey Matter-like



October 5


Staying up at five in the morning

Or three

I can never tell anymore

Dots flashing across the brain

Eyelids drooping

All effort to stay up

To write this

All effort


I can’t take this kind of thing anymore

I’m twenty years old: I’m an old man


October 6 : The Ballad of Heisenberg


As I opened the newspapers today,

I saw the headline loom loud and clear:

“Walter White Found Dead, Nation-wide

Manhunt over,” it said.


For over two years, this man

terrorized the Southwest

Baby Blue skies, money trails,

and Dead Bodies were his signature devices.


Gustavo Fring is gone,

Jack Welker and his men are gone,

Jesse Pinkman is missing,

and someone named Lydia is feeling under the weather.


Heisenberg, the man in the black hat,

the man who had it all,

is gone: Some say he is like a ghost,

forever walking the desert roads.


The streets of Albuquerque

are safe and secure and peaceful, for once:

No more chaos. No more bodies raining down,

raining red, blue, and green.


Stories and books and whole TV industries

are being sparked up again

thanks to you, Walter.

Now you’re gone, and Gray Matter is uncomfortably quiet.

Gale Boetticher, some nerdy libertarian dude with flip flops,

he’s gone, too.

Heisenberg’s empire is gone,

and everyone’s too damn scared to repeat the formula.


Skyler Lambert, Holly Lambert, Marie Schrader:

Glaring looks, even for young Holly.

Drug kingpins rise slowly and fall too fast,

and the fallout is even worse for their family members.


Flynn White,

I think he knows about the reputation

his father left behind:

He seems to be doing just fine, in this day and age.


Picture this: a trio,

facing down the inevitability of time and their own temperaments,

making millions of dollars,

not realizing their sins would catch up with them.


Imagine a man wearing a Porkpie felt hat,

sunglasses always on, intellect always at the ready,

ordering hits, counting millions until they stack like a pyramid,

and being the Only King in town.


Come to think of it, what did Walter White ever really want?

Family? Money? Power? Control?

Will History even bother to remember him for long,

until the next Heisenberg comes along?


Until the next Ozymandias decides to rise and then inevitably fall?


Was it explosion? Implosion? Self-destruction? Hubris?


All of the above?


Or just a damn good ole’ deathwish from a dying man?


Look at his picture long enough, and you’ll see Walt Whitman.

I’m not shitting you here, and my friends think I’m as crazy as ever,

but Walter White found his America:

too bad America found him.


Gliding Over All,

Through All,

Many deaths we have sung,

and many more, still left to come.


So, the ballad of Heisenberg isn’t so easy

to deconstruct: He was a chemistry teacher, and somehow,

wound his way up to Drug Kingpin.

This ballad, like all others, is riddled with questions

and no answers.


The news

is having

a feast with this tale.


They found Hank Schrader’s remains yesterday, along with his

buddy, Steve Gomez: not much was left to find out, in




Tohajilee: Say it three times,

and maybe Heisenberg will appear,

and dissolve you, soon enough.


Who’s to say it’s all over, anyway?


Evil is in all of us, and Good, too:

It’s all relative.


I think some chemistry teacher said it best:

“Chemistry is the study of change. It’s growth, decay, then transformation!”


He was right.

October 7


A long day is done

A long day waits

Everything is coming together

And yet, I still don’t want to go back

And I say Hell No to my Biology and Virtual

English class.

In fact, screw all of these classes, and

college, too.

I haven’t learned a thing; how about you?


October 8







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