A Gamer Call to Arms – Take a Stand Against Video Trolling

Nothing Is True


Trolling is not a new thing. Recently the media have picked up on it due to high-profile ‘celebrity’ social media cases of it but especially in the Video Gaming community, Trolling has been around for decades. Whether it’s on the internet being abusive on internet forums or social media or via online gaming and just being abusive to people over  voice chat. Trolling of the abusive kind is not new….and sadly, will always be a part of anything where the anonymity of the internet is available.

One example of this abusive trolling comes in the form of a minority of our community, who feel they have the right to pick up a video camera, go to a Video Game event and proceed to harass and abuse those who chose to attend the event to have fun with friends or family, sharing their passion for Gaming. It is a vile thing to…

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