About people from dark corners and House of Cards

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Watching the second season of  the “House of cards” is quite an experience.  It’s intense, dark, personal and intellectually stimulating political drama, and I found it better than any kind of leadership training. Frank Underwood, a former Congressman becoms the Vice President of the USA, he plots, he cheats, he kills, he tricks and manipulates people… and for some reason when you watch, you wish him well, you wish  he gets away with whatever lines he crosses and you want him to succeed. He becomes the US President at the end of the season, leaving you with a feeling that somehow he deserves that.

Nobody is really perfect in “House of cards”, everybody has a past. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Frank and his wife don’t look so bad in comparison. Or, perhaps, I just like villains?  An interesting story line in this show is how Frank recruits and…

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