“my body when i write”

I AM running backwards heels levitating spine erect i bounce against the concrete gripping on my elbows they are raised over my head my fingers intertwine my cheeks inflate eyes wide open fierce al…

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…Free Books on race, gender, sexuality, and class that are bound to get you woke!

In need of some new reading to spur your mind? Here is a great list of FREE BOOKS in PDF form to educate oneself on race, gender, sexuality, class, and culture! Please feel free to share this with …

Source: …Free Books on race, gender, sexuality, and class that are bound to get you woke!

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Kevin Feige Explains Why Ant-Man Is Important


I’ll admit it–I’m not expecting Ant-Man to be Marvel’s finest hours, either in terms of movie, or of box office returns. But one of the things that’s confused me from the start is why Ant-Man at all? What is the reason to even make this movie, other than as a Edgar Wright joint?

Up until now, there has not really been a satisfactory answer. One explanation has been that it’s the first “passing of the torch” movie the MCU has done–all the other “origin story” movies have been about the character finding their inner superhero, or descending from Asgard to discover Earth, etc. What we haven’t had in terms of story was a character who was created, and then passed the title to someone else. But I had sort of assumed we would see that down the line–especially once Robert Downey decided he was getting too old and needed to…

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Fiction by Monica Lewis

The James Franco Review


Lauren is standing at her closet, naked, all skinny white legs and arms.

“You have too much shit,” I say.

She laughs, pointing to the floor. “Half is yours.”

A hot-pink tube top we stole last year covers part of an old Rolling Stone. Just the other day we’d walked out of Sawgrass Mills with almost a grand in tanks and panties—all those tiny, stretchy, stringy things she loved—layered over our bras, one in every color. When counting the price tags back here, we laughed at the losers who’d pay for what we took straight out of the dressing rooms. Most everything stayed tagged and rumpled on her floor; she was always losing interest, eyeing some new piece on a fashion blog, and I couldn’t take any of it home ’cause my mom had an eye for things we could no longer afford. Lauren called it the five-finger discount. “Another…

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Marvel Announces New African-American Superhero “Moon Girl”



Black girl magic has just been further actualized with the new Marvel superhero Lunella Lafayette, who goes by Moon Girl.  Lafayette is a new take on a 1978 Marvel comic Devil Dinosaur that involved the adventures of a red Tyrannosaurus Rex and a young caveman-like boy known as Moon Boy. Today, Lafayatte may take over the Moon-child role but there’s nothing cave-ish about her. The new Moon Girl is an African American pre-teen genius.

Entertainment Weekly reports Moon Girl will be similar to an inspector gadget, but even more clever due to her “unpredictable alien DNA.”

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur were brought to life when Marvel’s team of creatives realized they did not have many books and characters that appealed to all age groups. The unlikely duo of dinosaur and girl genius will seek adventures across the concrete jungle of New York City.

“Generally, we’re skewing a little…

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NO FEE Calls for Submissions – 9 Lit Mags with Deadlines in August 2015

Trish Hopkinson


This list focuses on poetry submissions, but most lit mags accept prose and art as well. The listings are in order of closest deadlines and have no submission fees. The two paying markets are indicated in the title.

Amethyst Arsenic (paying!)

DEADLINE: 8/15/2015


NOTES: “Amethyst Arsenic is a paying online publisher of poetry, art, and music founded in 2011. The journal was mentioned as “One of five awesome new literary magazines” in 2011 by Yahoo Voices.”

FORMS: Poetry

PAYMENT: We pay $5 per accepted poem. Additionally, our featured artist will receive $25. Issue is limited to 10 poets.

DUOTROPE: https://duotrope.com/listing/6056

Flare (print issue)

DEADLINE: 8/15/2015


NOTES: “FLARE is a literary journal published by students of Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. FLARE seeks to publish both up-and-coming and established writers.”

FORMS: Fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, and plays


DUOTROPE: https://duotrope.com/listing/7665

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